About Us

Paige3 In September 2003, I opened my own Clothesline Consignment store.

With my knowledge, retail experience and sense of fashion I bring in the finest in fashionable apparel selected for quality and value.

I will personally assist you to update your wardrobe without breaking your bank.

I look forward to seeing existing and meeting new clients and customers, please stop by and introduce yourself.

Paige Hardy, Owner


Our mission is to acquire, through consignment, the finest in quality preowned designer and better label clothing and market the clothing at an affordable price returning a percentage of the sale to the consignor.


  • consignment clothing is taken by appointment only
  • preference is given to Designer and Better Labels
  • all garments must be freshly dry cleaned or laundered with no stains, repairs needed or signs of wear
  • we accept all sizes and fashions for women and teens
  • sale price is established by Clothesline Consignment
  • consignment contracts are for a 90-day period after which unsold clothing is returned to you or, if you wish, we will donate items to the Women’s Shelter; our aim is to give back to the community where we live
  • Clothesline Consignment reserves the right to put items on sale during the time of contract
  • Your commission on sales is 40% for direct pay out and 50% should you choose to purchase items at the store

Consigning Clothing

If you have not worn an item for six months to a year, you will not likely wear it this season for any number of reasons:

  • it does not fit properly
  • the colour or fashion does not suite me
  • it was an impulse buy and on second thought . . .
  • I have not worn it for several months
  • I am going through a change of life style and want to renew my wardrobe
  • and more . . .
  • When consigning clothing remember clean and well pressed garments sell the best!

Shopping Consignment

  • allow plenty of time, the store is large and it will take time to browse the entire selection
  • shop frequently, being a consignment store the stock changes rapidly
  • plan ahead, it takes time to find that perfect outfit or accessory
  • enjoy the experience, consignment shopping can be a rewarding experience; a great way to find that unique treasure
  • if you like it . . BUY IT, what is there today may be sold tomorrow so don’t hesitate if you love the piece


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